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In recent years varieties originating from Russia and the territory of the former USSR gain more and more attention. In our offer you can find more over 40 varieties of tomatoes from Russia. To make your choice easier we have prepared a special set of varieties for cultivation in areas with harsher climates. Such variations are usually characterized by a relatively short growing season, increased resistance to unfavorable conditions and lower soil requirements. At the same time they offer an excellent taste and a very good fertility. In our offer we chose 10 varieties of Russian tomatoes, which are the most popular among our customers.
  1. Tomato Anna Russian
  2. Tomato Black From Tula
  3. Tomato Black Krim
  4. Tomato Crimean Rose
  5. Tomato Nicholaevna Pink
  6. Tomato Nicholas Doochov
  7. Tomato Paul Robeson
  8. Tomato Rostova
  9. Tomato Russian Big Roma
  10. Tomato Sunset Red Horizon

  • When buying this set of tomatoes you save 10% compared to the same varieties purchased separately.
  • You can not replace any of the varieties of this set to another from our store‚Äôs offer.
  • The set contains more than 100 seeds, divided into separate package for each of the varieties.
Zestaw Pomidory Rosyjskie

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