Outdoor Tomatoes Collection




In our conversations with customers we are often asked about the varieties that we can recommend for outdoors cultivation. This set is the answer for this frequently asked question, when you do not have a prepared tunnel or greenhouse. It contains specially selected varieties, which thanks to its features breed best in difficult conditions. In relation to the tunnel crops, outdoor crops have less time to reach maturity and yield, as well as require a higher disease resistance. In such situations are indispensable determined or semi-determined varieties, which bring decent crops in tougher climate zones as early as it is possible. They do not require shoots removal. Another key to select these varieties, in addition to the above-mentioned characteristics, was their enhanced resistance to pathogens. The set includes the following varieties of tomatoes:
  1. Tomato Bison
  2. Tomato Black Sea Man
  3. Tomato Bush Beefsteak
  4. Tomato Early Wonder
  5. Tomato Legend
  6. Tomato New Yorker
  7. Tomato Siletz
  8. Tomato Silvery Fir Tree
  9. Tomato Sheyenne
  10. Tomato Tasmanian Chocolate

  • When buying this set of tomatoes you save 10% compared to the same varieties purchased separately.
  • You can not replace any of the varieties of this set to another from our store’s offer.
  • The set contains more than 100 seeds, divided into separate package for each of the varieties.
Zestaw pomidorów gruntowych

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