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Our adventure with exotic varieties of plants began over twenty five years ago. Our passion for nature and the passion with which we observe the wonders of the world around us, have handled the further development of our farm: cultivation of unique plant varieties and to enjoy their even tastier and more interesting fruits, which are formed of tiny seeds. Every year we use our own seeds trying to get even tastier and better varieties. Each year we spend plenty of time time to find the most interesting plants from all over the world.

Why are we doing this? Not only a hobby, a passion for cultivation, but also with the desire of a healthy and balanced lifestyle. In our crops we limit the use of chemicals to complete a minimum, using predominantly natural resources and solutions, so that even the youngest children can safely eat our products.

For over twenty years the fruits of our land could only be purchased at the local - Olsztyn's (city in the northern part of Poland, in the heart of historical Varmiensis) - a market where've developed a brand, and a very large base of regular customers, who each year visit our stand, waiting for the next exotic novelties. In 2006, wrote about us Gazeta Wyborcza (widely available daily newspaper in Poland) section highlighted in yellow:

Gazeta wyborcza o nas.

Aside from the permanent presence on the market at Grunwaldzka Street in Olsztyn, our plants and seedlings can also be purchased on the occasion of the agricultural fair held twice a year in the Warmia-Mazury Agricultural Advisory Centre. The exhibition always attracts a wide range of visitors, in the spring can be purchased seedlings from us dozens of our unique varieties of tomatoes and vegetables, and onions of beautiful lilies with our growing, and in autumn pumpkins and gourds:

Pomidorlandia na jesiennych targach WMODR 2010

Pomidorlandia na wiosennych targach WMODR 2010

Seeds available in our online store represent the surplus in the production of our own seedbed. This means that it is possible to buy exactly the same variety, which then we use in our own production. This guarantees the highest quality of the seeds.

However, the mere cultivation of even such an interesting vegetables is not all what we do! We pay a lot of attention to show how healthy and tastely those can be served! Our recipes have gained recognition during the Second Local Product Gala held on November 21, 2010. Excellent recipiec and our own vegetables resulted in obtaining the certificate in the category "Food Product" for: roasted pumpkin, pumpkin soup with spicy soup with pumpkin and sweet!

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