Best Cherry Tomatoes Collection




One of the most popular competitions in the history of the our store was a contest for the biggest tomato fruit published for the first time in 2016. Not only prizes, but simply a desire to show their unique fruits attracted many of our customers. All qualified applications can be seen at special competition website . If you want to take part in the next edition of the competition, no doubt you should start by selecting suitable varieties. To help you, we have prepared especially for you a set of varieties which give you the biggest opportunity to achieve specimens weighing more than two kilograms! The set includes the following varieties of tomatoes:
  1. Tomato 1884
  2. Tomato Aussie
  3. Tomato Carol Chyco's Big Paste
  4. Tomato Church
  5. Tomato Florida Pink
  6. Tomato Green Giant
  7. Tomato Mexico
  8. Tomato Neves Azorean Red
  9. Tomato Omar Lebanese
  10. Tomato Texas Star

  • When buying this set of tomatoes you save 10% compared to the same varieties purchased separately.
  • You can not replace any of the varieties of this set to another from our store‚Äôs offer.
  • The set contains more than 100 seeds, divided into separate package for each of the varieties.
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