TOP Tomatoes 2018 Collection




We are pleased to present the second edition of a set of the most popular varieties of tomatoes from the offer of our store! The ranking was based on sales statistics from all of last season. If you do not know what tomatoes you choose or you can not decide which varieties are best – let other’s decisions help you – this set was created basing on thousands of other customers orders! The set includes the following varieties of tomatoes:
  1. "Bull's Horns" Opalka
  2. Aussie
  3. Anna Russian
  4. Black from Tula
  5. Indigo Rose
  6. Crimean Rose
  7. Chapman
  8. Ananas Noir
  9. Katja
  10. Boondocks

  • When buying this set of tomatoes you save 10% compared to the same varieties purchased separately.
  • You can not replace any of the varieties of this set to another from our store’s offer.
  • The set contains more than 100 seeds, divided into separate package for each of the varieties.
Najpopularniejsze odmiany pomidorów sezonu 2018

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