Seeds Catalog 2019!

Dear Customers, Gardeners, Readers,

The largest Polish tomato collection just got bigger! We are delighted to announce our most recent additions to the catalogue. Below you can find all the newest varieties: 34 tomatoes are waiting for you to try them and fall in love! It also means that our collection has exceeded 500 varieties, so most probably you can find anything you wish to see in your garden!

One year ago we have presented a Full Photo Catalog, which was warmly welcomed by all of our customers - in one place we have gathered photos of all the fruits of our varieties. Now we have updated this catalogue with the newes addons, be sure to check it out!

In case of questions just drop us an e-mail to or call: +48 502-957-490. We are also present in Facebook, so Like us if you want to be up to date with our offer and new special deals!

Thus, we wish you a Happy New Tomato Year! :)
Anna, Marian and Sławomir Białoboki

New varieties for season 2019

We are delighted to present you the newest addons to our offer:

Tomato 1884 Purple
Tomato Ace 55
Tomato Black Mountain Pink
Tomato Brandywine Liam's Strain
Tomato Eckert Polish
Tomato Garnet
Tomato German Gold
Tomato Giant Of Siebenburgen
Tomato Giant Oxheart
Tomato Italian Roma
Tomato Israel
Tomato Jackie
Tomato Jeff Davis
Tomato Maglia Rosa
Tomato Malachite Box
Tomato Mrs. Maxwell's Big Italian
Tomato Muchamiel
Tomato Old Virginia
Tomato RAF
Tomato Red Alert
Tomato Red Plum Cherry
Tomato Shriver
Tomato Siberian Giant Pink
Tomato St. Teresa
Tomato Stump Of The World
Tomato Sunrise Bumblebee
Tomato Sweet Aperitif
Tomato Thai Pink Egg's
Tomato Totem
Tomato Thunder Mountain
Tomato Yasha Yugoslavian
Tomato Zlatava
Tomato Zogola

Special promotion

Gift from Pomidorlandia.plAs always we have a special gift for every order that exceeeds 15 EUR/USD. This gift is added automaticaly to every order that apply.

This special gift is always unique, we analyse your order and basing on items you bought we add you a special item. Sometimes we add a variety that we will introduce in future to our store, so you won't be able to buy it anywhere at the moment.


Top 10 2018

As every year we present you a list of most popular varieties ordered by our customers, if you are not certain which variety to choose from our catalogue, let other help you - thousands of gardeners worldwide found those listed below worth purchasing!

  1. Pomidor "Bycze rogi" Opalka
  2. Aussie
  3. Anna Russian
  4. Black from Tula
  5. Indigo Rose
  6. Crimean Rose
  7. Chapman
  8. Ananas Noir
  9. Katja
  10. Boondocks

To make your choice easier we have prepared a special set, which contains all 10 of the listed above varieties, with a very special price (10% off from regular price, if you buy those items separately).

Thank you for another year we spent together!
Your's faithfuly

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